Nature's Blessing  by Wayne Baize

The Cowboy's Dream Set of 2  by  Wayne Baize
​('Good Horses and Good Grass' and 'Along the Trail')

Winter Arrival  by  Wayne Baize

Mohair Country by Wayne Baize

Limited Edition Art Prints. 

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Spring Range by Tim Cox

Fit to be Hitched by Wayne Baize

Autumn Morning Ride by Tim Cox

Wintertime in Stephenville by James Boren

Her Backyard  by  Wayne Baize

Sundance by Chuck DeHaan

Bedded Down by  Wayne Baize

Tranquil Crossing by Dalhart Windberg

Waitin' Up  by  Wayne Baize

High Country by Mark Pettit

Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 5:30
Saturday - 10:00 - 4:00

​Closed Sunday and Monday

A Country Vet's Best Medicine 

by Linda Daniels

Pulling Flowers for Momma  by  Lovita Irby

The Return by Chuck DeHaan


Sold Out

Headin Home by Robert Summers

Wind Chaser by Jerry Gadamus

A Royal Breed by  Wayne Baize

Refreshing Morn  

by  Wayne Baize

221 N Belknap    
Downtown Stephenville, a block off the Square

The Old Way by James Reynolds

Limpia Creek Crossing  by  Wayne Baize

Lit'l Attention  by  Wayne Baize

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Two Jumps Ahead of Getting Wet

by  Wayne Baize

Amazing Grace by Lovita Irby

Side by Side by  Wayne Baize