They're fuzzy. They're warm. They're a little piece of heaven for your feet. That's right--we are talking about our Fuzzy Feet slippers. With thick fleecy lining on the inside and soft fleece on the outside. 100% polyester fleece with non-skid print on the sole. Adult size   L/XL (7-9)     $9.99

Comfy Crew Socks and Slipper Socks add flair to everyday footwear and are made from a blend of cotton, nylon and spandex.  Size 9-11.    $7.99 

Are your feet a little frosty? Slip into our new Mukluk Slippers, inspired by the foot fashions of the Arctic! These cozy slippers are double-layered for extra warmth, coming to the mid-calf with a snug drawstring top. And in imitation of the trends set by Eskimo and Inuit, each faux suede leather slipper is hand-stitched for an authentic mukluk look! When it comes to functional footwear, we've got all the right styles from the lands of the frozen chose.   L/XL- women shoe 7-9    ​$14.99


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